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 Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a new wave of edibles to the cannabis market.  Edibles with a story. From investing in local growers, and giving back to the community, Plant Jam is all about sowing the seeds of tomorrow.


Our Story

David Yusefzadeh was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2011. As a Michelin Star Chef laboring 80 hours a week in restaurants, managing his stress, and getting rest was not an option. Balancing the life he loved with taking care of his health meant David had to turn to prescription medicines. After six different medications and two years on Remicade (the original chemotherapy drug), he knew it was time for a change: alternative medicine. Cannabis was already a part of David’s life in a social context. When he was in need of a wellness solution, he started visiting dispensaries and looking at the edibles that were available – only to find high-fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients. With his impressive culinary expertise, David knew there was an opportunity to bring all-natural ingredients with a story to the world of cannabis. And then, there was Plant Jam.

Meet The Team

We're a mix of food nerds and cannabis enthusiasts.  

Scott Alexander
David Yusefzadeh
Untitled design-10.png
Brendan Jones
Director of Operations

Linnea Blake
Executive Chef


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